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A sustainable data driven electric bike share solution dedicated to cities that want to take back the control over their mobility data.

Smove.City provides cities and municipalities their own shared electric bike solution. We provide cities a mobile application, a fleet management dashboard and data analysis platform, a fleet of electric bikes and we work together with local bike shops for the daily maintenance and operations. The city has a full control through our fleet management platform and can use the data for analysis and urban planning.

Our solution is not only a sustainable mobility platform that can easily integrate multiple sustainable electric vehicles (electric bikes, electric kick scooters, electric mopeds, electric cars..) it is also a fleet management and data analysis tool. Our solution positively impacts communities and cities, our fleet of electric bikes are affordable, accessible, sustainable and easy to use. We impact a wide demographic, from young to old, women and men. Our platform allows the cities we work with to have a real understanding of the mobility in their city based on real time data, they use our data to further improve their streets and make the streets more bike friendly. We engage with the community and we work together with these cities. This is where we are different. We can create behaviour change and we have the data to evaluate, measure, learn and improve people’s behavior!

Latest Smove.City News

New Electric Bike Announcement

Today, SMOVE.CITY announced a new electric bike with swappable battery which has embedded sensors that monitor mechanical, electrical, and software systems to proactively detect potential...


Our innovative data driven mobile application is available for download on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore in selected European countries such as The Czech Republic and Greece.

SMOVE.CITY participated in the "Car free day" event in Prague - Suchdol on the 19th of September....

During the Car Free Day, pedestrian zones with a rich program of educational, sports, cultural and other activities and attractions for young and old are created in places normally filled...